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About Alx Zander


When I was 13 my mom gave me a book to read that completely changed the course of my life. It opened my eyes. It made me realize that we are so responsible for the life we´re creating moment to moment and it made me wonder what could I do, how could I enjoy, what could I achieve, what could I give. It got me started on a very conscious journey of self develpment.

I started reading books, learning from people, watching a ton of youtube videos and attending personal transformation events. I became super observant of my interactions with every person I could and I began to understand the principles, beliefs, ideas, science and spirit behind human behaviour, behind what makes us feel the way we feel and do the things we do.

I payed attention and still do, to why I or someone else feels anxious or stressed or sad or angry or overwhelmed or worried or dissapointed or why we feel happy, confident, free, productive, succesful, fulffilled, proud, decisive, relaxed and at peace, and how we can make those feelings ours, daily. And somehow the more I enriched my mind and soul, the hungrier I felt to give more to others, to help them be more of who they truly are so they too can experience more of everything that life has to offer. This became the obsession for myself and those that surround me.

Going through great pain and suffering in different ordinary ways and feeling for others so much has been my best motivation. What moves me to want to help those who are ready for a big change in their life. Those who feel like they´re not enough for something or someone. Those who maybe have given up on love or passion or themselves or on the vision and dreams they once had for their life. Those that are tired of the same shit everyday but don´t know how to really get out and express their fucking potential consistantly.

I´m here for all of them. Because so many times in my life I´ve been that person, and if you´re going through something difficult and you´re not sure of how to be free of whatever you´ve been carrying around, and you want to be more emotionally fit and awaken the dream for your life and relationships, then I am your guy. Either through my books, conferences, life transformation events and programs or just social media, I would love to be your Coach and help you live your life the way you´ve been wanting to and the way a great part inside of you knows you deserve.