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Coaching Sessions

Coaching Sessions

You want real solutions to something? This is for you.

Here we get strategic and focused in a very practical way. The best thing is to always start first with an Intensive personal transformation program, either the Emotional Fitness Experience or the Awaken The Dream Retreat, so we save time in making the big changes you want to make. That way you´ll see results faster and in a more complete and more powerful way.

This 15 - 45 minute phone sessions are ideal for us to attack very specific problems or situations that you might be going through wherever you are in the world. During our 4 sessions a month or 8 or even 16! (The more sessions you commit to, the better the prices get! + the more help you get from me and the more we can make sure you stay on track) we´re going to do super powerful excercises, that will give you the answers you´re looking for. Believe me, one simple process can be much more effective than most traditional therapies.

I´m excited of being your Personal Coach and help you as much as you want, consistantly to be free of what´s hurting or troubling you, have clarity about things and make the right choices for you, week by week, day by day.

Send me a message or give me a call so we can get started making a difference. You can get new results.


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