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Emotional Fitness

Emotional Fitness Program

This is an enrichment experience. 2 days of absolute immersion, where for about 10 hours each day we´ll go deep on the things that have overwhelmed you and made you feel stuck, stressed, sad, worried or angry. Through a set of very practical yet super powerful psychological processes you´re going to discover and free yourself of what has been carrying you down.

I´m going to help you feel at complete peace with your past so you can start moving forward. Throughout the course of this 2 full life changing days, you´re going to become stronger, more resilient, more flexible, more free, more clear, more decisive, more fulfilled and more connected than ever, to what matters most to you. We´re going to attack your real problems and change them forever.

You´re going to become as emotionally fit and psycologically strong as you want. This is one of the most beautiful, exciting and powerful experiences you can pay for, and my goal is to help you become more of who you truly are, so you stop letting so many moments and opportunities go and you start enjoying and living the richness of your life and all your relationships at a whole new level. That´s what you deserve and that´s what I can help you with. If you don´t want to miss any more time and you´re like me and want to give yourself the greatest gift you can give to you and others, let´s begin.


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