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Whether you´re a man or woman, single or in a relationship, wanting to attract lots of sexual experiences with the kind of people you desire or wanting to have a relationship that deep in you, you know it´s still possible; a relationship full of love, transparancy, fun and passion. Or if you´re unsure of what you want; on this full 3 day and night powerful experience you will get clarity of what it is that you really want and how to make it happen, regardless of how far away you think you are from that.

I.m going to help you re-shape yourself and your relationships for the rest of your life with very dinamic and game changer processes of self discovery and self re - connection with who you absolutely truly are so you can become a force of energy that no longer suppreses herself or himself because of the fear of loss, chaos, drama, judgment or rejection and instead becomes a fucking magnet of love, joy, passion, romance, truths, mind blowing sex and openness.

This is your event. Your date with yourself and / or those who you love and care about.


To enroll call the Dream Team at 52 (998)1867803