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Success Stories

I came to the course full of doubts, not believing in myself or my capabilities. 2 days later, I believe in myself once again
Dawn Judell
Dear Alex, I thank God for allowing me to get to you, to live this beautiful life experience. Thank you for your teachings, for your time and for everything that I'm taking with me, specially you in my heart!
“Alx, you rock! Yoou taught me things I hadn't thought of. I thank you for every single one of your words, they've been a blessing to me. Thank you so much.
Itzel Amairani
I learned how capable I am of loving myself and sharing that love with others. I forgave myself and people around me, and learned to respond instead of react. I was in the biggest emotional, relational and financial crisis I´d ever been in. And this program with you Alx, changed my life.
Marcos Ramirez Franco
Thank you Coach, I´m feeling stronger, more powerful and more responsible for each aspect of my life. I´m grateful with you because each time your words, in different way, give life to my heart. No matter how many times I listen to you, I always learn more!
Jesus Morales
What a weekend. What a year! When I started this year, I said this was going to be my year, the best one. But I never really believed it was going to be this good. I can´t explain in a paragraph everything I´m taking. The extensive journey in which you´ve taken us until we could find and heal everything that was out of place, broken or in chaos within us. I can completely say, the change has been imminent, I found peace, I was able to reconcile with many things and overcome fears that seemed enormous. Learning to put everything in perspective and look for the good, even within the worst. It has definitely been a “before” and “after”. You´re a genius Alx and you´re helping so many people!
Ricardo Ramirez
It´s the biggest growth I´ve had in the last 10 years. 2 days of intense work and of going deep in oneself and taking out all the extra mental weight that we carry.
Ricardo Ramirez
Loved the curse. Just what I needed.
His seminar was more than perfect; So relaxing and dynamic; He makes everything so practical and easy to understand and apply.
Alejandra Loera
My Life Changed on my first Alx Zander’s seminar.
Imix Stevens
Rosa M. Godoy
Loved the experience with Alx Zander.
Made Maraboli
The Coaching Sessions with Alx Zander, has helped me to be a more confident, conscious and determined man, truly recommend his programs; They’ve truly helped me.
Pedro Nader
After only my first session, I knew exactly what to do, and how to do it. It was so much better than I ever imagined; It was incredible.
Gilmer Novelo
I just wanted to thank you; that phone call helped me so much! It’s going great, everything excellent now with my girlfriend, and the businesses are now on float.
Heriberto Ramirez
I’ve never before felt like I felt in my session with Alx Zander; I regained my true value and power.
Leonel Morales
In 1 hour with Alx Zander, my life changed; I’m a different woman; I realized so many things, and now I’m so much more confident, courageous, and in less than a month have attracted amazing relationships of all kind into my life.
Julene Zamora
Every session with Alx Zander is freakin’ worth it; They have helped me to attract what I want into my life.
Yahir Gonzales
Alx doesn’t just show you the way; He gives you the map, for you to choose your way to success, overcoming your fears, and living the life that you want.
Ruben Omaña
Alx Zander helped me see the world differently; I’m now more enthusiastic, fulfilled, and happy in my life.
Fausta Maria
He has a unique energy; he’s helped me so much.
Ricardo Gonzales
My emotional & physical fitness has improved enourmously since being Coached by Alx Zander.
Vanessa Reyes
Thank you Alx for this 2 days of learning so much knowledge. I found the way to not stay in my comfort zone and give that extra step that sometimes is so hard to give! Thank you for all of the advice!
Antonia Moreno